HECA’s Standards and Ethics

Next week Netflix will release a documentary titled ‘Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal.’ According to Netflix, the show will take a deep dive into the events that were brought to light two years ago. This documentary will likely receive a large viewing audience from not only those of us involved in college counseling […]

ACT admits that test-optional admissions isn’t going away

Janet Godwin, ACT’s CEO, published a blog post [1] Thursday that admitted that test-optional admissions policies are likely here to stay. “It is somewhat unlikely that institutions who adopted temporary or pilot test use policies in response to COVID will return to test-required in the near term,” she wrote. Those words are not a surprise […]

NACAC Urges Recommitment to Integrity in Wake of College Admission Scandal

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) urged its members today to redouble their commitment to integrity within the college admission process following news reports of efforts by wealthy individuals to get their children into selective colleges and universities as part of a long-running cheating scam. “This is an unfortunate example of the lengths […]


HECA STATEMENT: “PAY FOR PLAY IS INDEFENSIBLE FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PROFESSIONALS” (Spokane, WA – 3/14/19) – The Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), a professional organization of independent educational consultants, reacts to the breaking news of a widespread college admissions scandal by urging families to do their homework before working with independent educational consultants. The Higher Education […]

Colleen Lamon & Jennifer Borenstein

Colleen Lamon & Jennifer Borenstein Colleen Lamon and Jennifer Borenstein have partnered to bring together their years of experience counseling and working in education to help students achieve their post secondary goals. They work with school districts and private schools to train teachers, counselors and staff to create a college-going environment where each student’s needs can be […]

A Special Testimonial

One of my latest students, Tara George, wrote me a unique testimonial. She composed a poem and I wanted to share it with everyone. Colleen is the quickest friend you’ll ever make And she will immediately make you feel a part of a family She will save you from making any terrible mistakes And make […]