Junior Summer Activities

The summer between your junior and senior year of high school is very important. How students spend their time over the summer provides meaningful information to colleges about your skills, interests and level of commitment. Soon-to-be seniors will most likely be writing an essay with some variation on the theme of what you learned from your summer experience. The goal is to find something you genuinely like to do, do it well and learn something from it that will be interest to colleges. Some of these activities might be:

  • READ- you my be asked to dicuss what you’ve read by a college admissions officer
  • Participate in a language immersion program
  • Volunteer at places like the YMCA, tutoring centers, The Boys & Girls Club, The Red Cross or at rock concerts with RockMed.
  • Work- if you work, try to plan something that requires real thinking. Internships look great such as at places like The Marysville Gold Sox.
  • Summer Programs- join a summer program at colleges and universities like UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis and others.
  • Take a college summer class at a local community collage.
  • Travel- travel with your family and keep a blog or journal

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