College Applications Filed- What’s Next?

Congratulations on getting all your college applications filed!

Here’s what’s next for you:

1) You’re going to be receiving emails from all the colleges you applied to.  These emails will contain instructions on creating college-specific web portals.  Follow the directions from each college VERY CLOSELY.

2) Every student who is not an international student (you know who you are) will be applying to FAFSA to see if you are eligible for financial aid.  The form comes out January 1st, and you can’t start filling it out until then; however, what you CAN do is apply for your PIN number.  

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

         -Keep in mind that each family will require TWO PIN numbers for the FAFSA: the parents get one, and the student gets one.  Be sure to keep track of which is which! You can do that here:

3) For those of you applying to private colleges, go to and see if you need to fill out a CSS Profile to apply for financial aid.

4) Keep looking for scholarships!  Visit your high school career centers, and look on and Fastweb!

Happy Hunting!