Colton Applegarth

Working with Colleen during my junior and senior year made the college application process easy and manageable. With neither of my parent’s attending college, we had no idea how the college application process worked. Colleen walked us through it step by step and made the process much more manageable. Colleen made sure I never missed a due date and had answers to all of the questions I had in regards to the application process and about specific colleges. With Colleens’ vast knowledge of the application process and of many different colleges, I never felt like I was lost of confused. Colleen makes the application process much less stressful and manageable which made my senior year much more enjoyable. Colleen also made the essay writing process much easier. With her expertise in the area, the essays I wrote were much more in depth and showed who I was as a person and a student much more effectively. Overall, I cannot think of a better advisor to walk someone through the college application process.