Max Bechtel

Working with Colleen made one of the most potentially difficult processes in my life a much easier task to take on. Going into junior year, I had a basic knowledge of what needed to be done to be accepted into a college, but the task was still daunting. Without her, it would have been very likely for me to forget certain due dates and deadlines. To add on to that, if I ever had any questions pop up during this process that I didn’t know how to handle, Colleen was always there to help out very quickly. A prime example of this was when I had a mandatory personal interview with an Ivy League college professor, and Colleen was well prepared to help me out and provided me with a spreadsheet on how to act and common questions that are brought up.  All of the work I ended up doing on college applications was my own, but Colleen would help guide me towards what colleges were looking for in essays and other tasks that really gave me a boost in my application. Looking back, now that I will be heading into my first year of college next Fall, Colleen has extensive knowledge of all things college related that made that portion of my life much more organized and enjoyable. Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into helping me out!

Thanks again for everything!