One of my latest students, Tara George, wrote me a unique testimonial. She composed a poem and I wanted to share it with everyone. Colleen is the quickest friend you’ll ever make And she will immediately make you feel a part of a family She will save you from making any terrible mistakes And make sure your college dream a reality Colleen is a world-class college mentor Her job is never work but a passion She always keeps your wishes and thoughts in the center She is always prepared and ready to take action Colleen will never let you work on an empty stomach She will always keep you on track With her your applications will be perfect Because she makes sure nothing will be lacked Before I met Colleen, I had no clue where I was going And I had no idea where to begin Then I met her, and she knew exactly what she was doing And I felt with her great things would happen Colleen is sweet, patient and would never yell She kept things fun and nothing was boring She made sure all college essays were done well She would help us whether at 4PM or 1 in the morning Colleen found and helped me get into St. Mary’s, the school of my dreams And for that I am incredibly grateful Right away, she made me feel a part of her team And to be in her presence I feel simply joyful Thank you Colleen!!