Priya Kareti

I began working with Colleen in my sophomore year of high school. Back then, I knew very little about college and the application process. Fortunately, Colleen and her years of experience kept me on track to get into my dream colleges, which include Scripps College, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. She helped me do everything from plan my high school schedule and getting prepared for college interviews, to researching colleges and creating a college list on her website. Colleen gave me more than just her unmatched expertise; she provided access to her vast array of connections, ranging from SAT and ACT tutors to actual admission officers to read over personal statement drafts. Not to mention, during the stressful application season, Colleen hosted extremely helpful workshops in which students could work on applications in the presence of Colleen’s expertise, snacks, and playful dogs. Even after the application process was over, Colleen was a big help. She answered every question I had in order to guide me toward choosing the right college. Colleen is not just a wonderful college counselor and mentor, but also a great friend. I am very thankful to have worked with her for the past three years.