Sameer G

Over these last 4 years, Colleen has played an integral role in helping me with the college application and decision process. She has given such great advice that has shaped my journey in figuring out how I would like to proceed with my life, be it in higher education or in potential careers. Your senior year can be quite stressful as you navigate through your last year of high school while simultaneously trying to manage a secure future ahead. Fortunately, Colleen was there every step of the way during this time, to make sure the process was a streamlined one. Regardless of the amount of students she was trying to help, Colleen always made sure that I had enough time to ask her questions about where I should apply or what I could do with my education, and was able to guide me through the application process with such ease, either in the workshops she put on or through private sessions, that I am so greatly appreciative for. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I would have been able to craft such a strong case for myself to present to the colleges I applied to. Thank you Colleen.